Sun 6 Apr 08

Just had a great little cloudburst a few minute ago. The ground barely looks wet, but I’d bet that it’s enough to green things up over the next few days. Warm enough outside where we can comfortably have the house windows open and I’m sitting here at the computer desk with that earthy rain smell wafting through. Watching the sparrows peck away at the lawn in the backyard. Chirp, chirp.

Cemented in almost all of the cut tiles this morning until I ran out of thin set with six tiles to go. Thought I could get by with a small pre-mixed container of thin set that said it covered 30 square feet (but probably didn’t even make it to 20). Oh well. We’ve been keeping the dogs out of the kitchen by blocking the entrance with my surfboard and bike. Nora sits and whines until someone pays attention to her. Poor neglected dog. What a tough life.