Sun 4 May 08

My legs are in shambles right now. Knots in both calves and a right quad so tender from hip to knee that it hurts when I barely touch it. So much fun though playing Frisbee this weekend. I played for about nine hours in total yesterday both with U Seattle’s team (team got thumped pretty thoroughly) and also picking up with Central Washington when they needed an extra player for the last two hours of the day. Weather was overcast and drizzly, but it actually was very pleasant Frisbee weather. And then again this morning. Today was sunny and 70s and everyone was roasting. I’m sure the west-siders appreciated the sun though. A few pics that Mary took from day one:

And one video. Quality is super blocky of course coming from the old beater digital camera, but you can at least get a taste of the Ultimate Frisbee atmosphere. We’re the team in blue getting scored on by the University of Washington. Click here.

2 thoughts on “Sun 4 May 08

  1. Malone

    Whoa…. They made that look way too easy.

    Aren’t you getting a little old to be playing with college students? Isn’t there some kind of senior Ultimate Frisbee tour?

  2. Josh Post author

    Hey, I still have eligibility. How old was Chris Weinke? And I still can’t really grow facial hair, so it’s all good.

    Actually the college season is winding down and this is kind of the start of the open/co-ed tournament season. So this wasn’t an official sanctioned event or anything.

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