Fri May 2 08

First Ultimate Frisbee tournament of the year this weekend! All day tomorrow and about half of Sunday. I’ll be playing as part of Seattle University’s team, mostly with people I’ve never played with before. Should be great.

We took the dogs out to Cowiche Canyon this morning. Definitely greener than our last visit in December. Still looking pretty parched though even with the scattered spring rain.

Lots of flowers poking up through the dry dirt everywhere though.

6 thoughts on “Fri May 2 08

  1. JOZ

    Looks like spring’s breaking through up in Washington too–the hike in the canyon a nice change of pace from tile-laying, I bet. Have fun at your tournament too!

  2. Josh Post author

    Not really much tile-laying going on lately, but, yes, I’m sure playing Frisbee will be a good change of pace still for whatever I would’ve otherwise been doing this weekend. Sprinkling a little outside right now, so it may be a muddy one though.

  3. Jordan

    Cool, I believe you on three of those. But that third one is no Viola. Looks like a Phlox of some kind.

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