Sat 27 Sep 08

I didn’t see a single second of the Michigan game. This is Pac-10 country, boy, so Fresno State/UCLA stole the fun on ABC. I spent the afternoon turning dirt and planting grass seed in our backyard, but had the TV sitting on the deck to keep me company (flipping between Auburn/Tennessee and the above-mentioned game). At one point the scrolling marquee told me Michigan was down 19-0 and I pretty much stopped paying attention until 20-19 caught my eye a while later. Huh? Then 27-25. Win. Wow. Where’d that come from?

I later checked out and read through the entire play-by-play of the game. That first half was atrocious. Three and out, punt. Three and out, punt. Fumble, fumble. Good grief. The only thing I can figure is that Michigan’s defense must have played out of its mind to fight off five turnovers in one half. Watching Threet lumber around during twenty seconds of highlights later during the Penn State/Illinois game, I couldn’t help but think how nice it would’ve been to pick up Pryor this year. Those RR recruits can’t get to Ann Arbor quick enough.

The first week of the college football season Mary cooked up some ridiculous loaded baked potato skins for the requisite in-game snacking. I immediately declared this to be our new Saturday tradition (declared by repeatedly bellowing, “Baked potato Saturday!”) We’ve had baked potatoes the past three Saturdays and had a good streak going until this week when Mary was busy judging a beer brewing contest for the Fresh Hop Ale Festival. I’m in withdrawal. Baked potato Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Sat 27 Sep 08

  1. jordan

    Strange… the Michigan game was on down here. Although maybe that was on ESPN. Anyway, they were real lucky to get out of that game with a W.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, looks like ESPN. We’re still rocking the rabbit ears, so locals only. I probably would’ve stopped watching after the first half anyway though.

  3. Russ

    It’s time to upgrade, in other words spend some money, and get cable. A man of your means should not be limited to free tv. The game was so bad that I dozed off for a few minutes when the second half started. But all of a sudden they woke me up with their stirring comeback. These are the things that never happen to us, especially the penalty being called on the two point conversion. I can’t ever remember UM getting a break like that

    We better enjoy these games when we get them because I’m afraid these will be few and far between this year.

  4. Josh Post author

    Nah, if I really want to catch something on ESPN I just drive to my gym two minutes down the road and do a bit of multi-tasking.

    There have been more Kordell Stewart moments it does seem. I think Toledo is winnable. Three more wins for bowl eligibility from the rest of the schedule looks rough though.

  5. Malone

    I have the first half of the U-M – Wisconsin game on tape. I just watched it yesterday. It was the second ugliest display of offensive football I’ve ever seen. The first being Notre Dame last year against Michigan. Snap!

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