Wed 1 Oct 08

The first day of October and we hit 80 degrees and sunny this afternoon. The last six weeks or so have been nothing but upper 70s/low 80s and sunny. Gorgeous. We should be getting some more Michigan-esque weather in the next couple of days though. Maybe even some rain. Water my lawn, sky!

Our fruit trees are just now finally producing. It took all summer and part of fall, but those tenacious little buggers are fruiting right up. I think we did better with watering them this year than last, but probably still nowhere near the recommended amount. Some late cold weather earlier this spring probably didn’t help either. The cherry didn’t give us much this year (I suppose this winter I’ll have to figure out how to prune properly), but the peach, plum and whatever the other tree is (something like a cross between an apple and a pear) are going strong. The plums are very sweet and very good. Fine indeed.

Every day the peach tree drops a couple of peaches, usually not quite completely ripe. Taylor sampled a few, tentatively at first, but now she’s picked up a taste for the peachy goodness. When we open the back slider she runs across the yard and sniffs around the tree gobbling up whatever she finds. Love that weird dog.