Fri 3 Oct 08

Some miscellanea:

– Today was Nora’s third birthday. We celebrated with a good long run at the park this morning. Later she scarfed down a few scraps of flank steak from dinner. Can’t ask for much more than that if you’re a dog. Happy Birthday crazy dog! Here’s a before/now set of Nora pics. Left: Nora circa November ’05. Right: Yesterday in our living room.

– After October 7 my cell phone number will no longer be active. Mary’s cell number still works though if you need to get a hold of me. If you don’t have that, drop me an email me and I’ll pass along the number. For now that’ll be the best way to reach me.

– I have an interview in a couple of weeks to be the assistant wrestling coach at the high school just down the road from our house. I’m pretty excited about this. According to the job posting the position is only supposed to be open teachers in the school district, but I applied anyway and then bugged the human resources personnel a couple of times (went in and introduced myself, went in later asking about the job status). I sent in my application back in early August and just yesterday they contacted me about coming in to interview. So either the job status changed, they made a mistake and are accidentally interviewing me, or they’re making an exception because they really need somebody with the season starting in about six weeks. Most of the other school district coaching jobs I’ve seen listed don’t require you to be a teacher, so I’m hoping the job status changed. Either way it would be nice if it worked out. It would be good to get on the mat again.

– It rained forever today. The longest steady rain I think I’ve seen here since we moved out a year and a half ago. Mary and I played tennis this morning, then ran to the library. We returned to the house with an armload of books and DVDs and while we were lounging around some time around mid-afternoon it started raining and it’s still coming down as I write this closing in on midnight. Nothing torrential, but definitely not a drizzle either. My lawn thanks you sky.