Sun 19 Oct 08

Productive weekend filled with yard work and dog walking. Sunny and in the upper 60s, very pleasant for our ultimate Frisbee game this afternoon. Saturday I cleaned out our gutters and scooped several years worth of acorns from our deck roof. The dogs looked a little puzzled.

2 thoughts on “Sun 19 Oct 08

  1. JOZ

    Ahhh . . . autumn chores. Wish you were here to climb the ladder to do the gutters for me after the leaves fall. Did it last year for the first time on this house and vowed “Never Again!” Working with the ladder on the slanted driveway side of the house pretty scary. Your last post mentioned a 17-mile hike with Mary and the dogs–sounds brutal. How did everyone hold up?

  2. Josh Post author

    Well, we don’t own a ladder, so I had to do a pull-up onto the roof then jump down later. It’s actually much easier to scoop out all the gunk while standing on the roof though.

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