Tue 25 Nov 08

I have what feels like a fairly serious shoulder injury. I hurt it last week Thursday wrestling around after practice and it’s not even remotely better over the past five days. I can’t raise my arm laterally without significant pain. Tasks like putting on a shirt in the morning or using deodorant have become these goofy contortion acts. My Internet research has me leaning toward some sort of rotator cuff injury. I have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist tomorrow (though it’s really not an appointment since he’s on vacation and I’ll be talking with a PA), so hopefully the that’ll get the healing ball rolling. In the meantime I was at the gym last night (biking, not lifting) and I happened to bump into a chiropractor we played basketball with quite a bit last winter. Super nice guy, he was like oh, come on by after work and I’ll see if I can help you out, no charge. Rock on. So I went there this afternoon and he threw in a whole body joint adjustment which was a treat (my upper back especially was horribly out of whack; I blame the desk job) and taped up my shoulder. Kind of a wait and see tactic on his part. A few adjustments to the injury and some supportive tape and if nothing’s improving with rest then something more invasive may be in order. I’m hedging my bets though and checking in with the docs too. If they schedule an MRI and I’m feeling better before then, I can always cancel.

5 thoughts on “Tue 25 Nov 08

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! Is your shoulder swollen in that pic, or is it really always that big and muscular? Get goosebumps just looking at it!


    Your anonymous fan

  2. JOZ

    Sorry to hear about the shoulder, Josh. The injury sounds like it could be serious. Do follow through with the orthopedist and get the testing done that the doctor recommends–MRI, X-ray, whatever’s necessary–and whatever treatment, therapy, rest is recommended. So glad you have health insurance. Let me know what the doctor thinks, okay?

  3. Josh Post author

    Well, what a sweet thing to say Marynonymous. That’s all natural baby, who doesn’t love pull-ups and push-ups?

  4. Josh Post author

    What’s funny is that’s how the chiropractor described it “tape like the Olympic volleyball players wear.”

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