Sun 14 Dec 08

Holy smokes it’s cold. The closest we came to breaking 20 degrees today was around midnight last night when the temperature hit 19.9. It only dropped from there. We tried to run the dogs at around noon and were defeated after about ten minutes by temps in the teens and a sharp wind to match. I’m reminded again of how much I hate the cold. These kind of temperatures are crippling to any sort of attempt at outdoor fun.

Mary and I have talked somewhat about our plans post-Yakima (maybe in ’09, maybe later) and a return to Grand Rapids tends to pop up as one potential destination. But as I was chipping the ice and snow from my windshield this afternoon on my way to go work out at the gym I kept thinking about how nice it would be to live somewhere a little more temperate. At least the sun should be out again here tomorrow. Even the dogs were bundling up. See?

2 thoughts on “Sun 14 Dec 08

  1. Josh Post author

    True. At night the opposite end of the spectrum is a horrible, horrible thing. I can say with 100% certainty that Phoenix won’t be a post-Yakima destination. That’s the good part about moving around: you start to figure out your priorities and appreciate things you didn’t have in other locales.

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