Tue 16 Dec 08

I think we broke 20 degrees this afternoon. If nothing else it definitely felt warmer with blues skies and full sun. I usually take breaks throughout the day at work and go walk a lap or two around the cemetery down the street. Today I walked hunched down inside my coat collar with cheeks stinging in the light wind and the weather got me thinking about those frigid Michigan days when temps were hovering right around freezing and the wind was crashing in from the west.

Waves are up, take a sick day, let’s go surfing!. In hindsight it does seem a little insane, hurtling yourself into near freezing water in the dead of winter, but I also know that if I lived in GR right now I’d be checking the weather report daily, waiting for the next good westerly. Makes my twenty degree walk in full sun today not feel so chilly. Click the link above for a couple more pictures and the brief write-up of the frozen-head surf session from 2006.

2 thoughts on “Tue 16 Dec 08

  1. jordan

    I’ve been following your forecast up there… looks like it’s been pretty brutal. I guess I got out of WA just in time. It was even only in the mid 50s in the southern end of J-Tree today.

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