Thu 25 Dec 08

Trammell was plenty content to have sunshine, soft snow, and a raggedy tennis ball on Christmas morning. And really, what more does anyone really need?

Taylor wanted to wish everyone a very merry and mellow Christmas. But then she got a little frustrated with the whole business of trying to type sans opposable thumbs. So here’s her recorded message of Christmas peace and good will to all (26 seconds, streaming mp3):


Merry Christmas!


I took Trammell and Taylor for a run through the sagebrush of Cowiche Canyon this afternoon. We had the park largely to ourselves (we went at about noon when most potential visitors were probably sitting down to Christmas dinner), though there were plenty of dog paw prints for sniffing. Sunny skies, but, unlike the last winter run, Mt Adams was obscured by clouds in the distance.

2 thoughts on “Thu 25 Dec 08

  1. jordan

    Everyone at dinner today was really excited when the sun “came out” for about twelve seconds. And by “came out” I mean the sun was actually bright enough to cast some dim shadows. You’re in a better place–you’re due for a winter GR trip to remind yourself of that…

  2. Josh Post author

    Oh there’s no reminding needed. I remember those surprised “hey, the sun’s out moments” every couple of weeks in a GR winter.

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