Wed 4 Mar 09

URS issued a ridiculously nice yearly earnings report and fiscal outlook this morning and the stock price promptly spiked more than 23% today. One day, 23 percent, good grief! Revenues were up 87 percent during ’08 from ’07 from about $5.3 billion to about $10 billion. The backlog is still sitting at about $17 billion. ’09 is forecasted to be similar to ’08, with business building toward the end of the year and strong into ’10. Everything we’ve heard internally over the past six months has remained very upbeat, particularly related to business in the Northwest. Not that I own any company stock, but with all the financial news of crumbling corporations I guess it’s good to know that I’m working for a stable company. I have noticed that company job postings have dropped dramatically though. I suppose easing back on hiring is a smart way to keep costs in check. It used to be fun to scroll through the dozens of jobs in my field and run through the hypotheticals (hmm, transfer to New Zealand?), but these days it’s slim pickings. Still, hopefully there will be options again as the economy perks up.