Sat 28 Mar 09

When you pick a fight with a dog twice your size, don’t be surprised when you get your comeuppance. Nora’s okay, but was none too pleased when I made her sit out on the cold back deck until the blood stopped dripping (she kept doing that ear slapping head shake, which probably didn’t help matters any). Got her mostly cleaned up and neosporined and she was pretty mellow the rest of the night. Should be a rugged little scar on that left ear.

2 thoughts on “Sat 28 Mar 09

  1. Josh Post author

    She launched at some random dog at the park. I don’t think she was actually biting it, but the other dog I’m sure couldn’t tell any differently (hence the self-defense on Nora’s ear and face). Nora was on top when I tackled her Ray Lewis style.

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