Sun 29 Mar 09

I woke up this morning to a scene right out of CSI. A couple small pools of blood on Mary’s twill Pottery Barn rug. Blood mist over a square foot area on one section of the bedroom wall, splatters on other areas of the wall. A sticky splash of blood on the door and a long steady trail of drops leading from the bedroom into the hallway. Cue ominous music.

Nora’s ear was dry when we all went to bed last night, but I guess she must’ve scratched it open again at some point, hopped off the bed, and started doing cartwheels around the house. So we spent an hour this morning with a mixture of peroxide and water carefully dabbing up the drops on the floor. The Pottery Barn rug is a goner (but this probably beats pools of blood on the actual carpet), but everything else came out okay. She may be sleeping in the cage tonight.

2 thoughts on “Sun 29 Mar 09

  1. JOZ

    Do you think she needs to see a vet for stitches or something? I’m sorry to here about Mary’s Pottery Barn rug. Too nice to meet such an end. Sorry Nora’s hurt, but the cage isn’t a bad idea when you can’t watch her.

    Just when I was thinking I was ready for the trouble of a cat–the “right” cat–again. I wish Frank were still with me.
    Should mention good post. Looking forward to reading the next post!

  2. Josh Post author

    You know, when we first looked at her ear it looked like stitches probably wouldn’t hurt. Kind of a raggedy flap. But it’s not a complete tear and actually after a couple of days it’s scabbed over fully. So, she’ll end up fine I think.

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