Sat 4 Apr 09

Now that’s more like it! Finally a day to expose some skin to the sun, open up the house, and spend all day running around outside. Yard work was accomplished, baseballs were thrown, basketballs were shot, shirts were not worn. We even brought the TV out on the back deck for a couple of hours to watch the Final Four while not wasting the taste of summer. Atta boy Spartans.

2 thoughts on “Sat 4 Apr 09

  1. ZDad

    Back in GR again we did see a good bit of sun here too on Saturday but after the warmth of the Florida Keys the Michigan sun felt somewhat defective, to use the words of a Ugandan colleague who was here recently. Now we are waiting for the snow to arrive.

  2. Josh Post author

    We only had a few inches of snow all winter it seemed, but the days in the forties dragged on forever.

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