Wed 22 Apr 09

A couple pictures from this past week. Zion National Park on the left (looking South from Angel’s Landing). Grand Canyon National Park on the right (looking toward Horseshoe Mesa from the Grandview trail as we headed backcountry). I have a bunch of other pictures to post but it might be a few days before I have enough time to get them online.

6 thoughts on “Wed 22 Apr 09

  1. Aunt Joyce

    We love Zion. Did you make it to Bryce? That is one of favorite places. My theory is that Dr. Seuss received his inspiration for his ‘lands’ from Bryce.

  2. Josh Post author

    The high temps in Bryce were in the upper 20s when we checked the forecast from Zion (it was snowing in Zion at the time), so that was a definite no-go.

  3. Malone

    I heard a rumor (from that gossip girl Burgers) the Zylstra crew is moving back to GR. Is this true?

    If you guys need housing, at least temporarily, the renters at the Burton house move out at the end of May. I also could give you some suggestions on foreclosures if you’re looking to go that route. I’m withdrawing my offer on the house on Union because title issues took so long and I found a house on Burton just a couple down from the other one which is actually a far amount nicer than the original one.

  4. JOZ

    Is this true? Are you guys coming back here? For Mary’s schooling, I assume? When would you come?

  5. Josh Post author

    Still working out some details. It is a good possibility though. I intend to have at least another summer of mountains out here, but we’ll see. If we did end up in GR buying a house, we probably would head the el cheapo foreclosure route.

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