Sun 24 May 09

What a difference a week makes. Following last weekend’s failed attempt to even reach the trailhead, I decided to try for redemption today. Here are a couple pictures from the top of Mt Aix (elevation 7766 ft). Absolutely spectacular day with absurd views in every direction from the summit. Through the snow, fifteen miles round trip, with approximately 4500 feet of elevation gain on the day. More pictures to come. Left: me with Mt Rainier in the background. Right: Bismarck Peak in the foreground, with the Goat Rocks behind, and Mt Adams dominating the skyline further back.

2 thoughts on “Sun 24 May 09

  1. JOZ

    Nice that you can get up in the mountains again. Were you able to leave the dogs home this time? Be careful with all that ice and snow! Did you get a phone yet? (Get a phone!!!)

  2. Josh Post author

    No dogs. I was up to my waist in snow in places, so it probably wouldn’t have been much fun for them. I have a work phone; that works pretty well.

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