Mon 13 Jul 09

Sold. Almost at least. The $33,000 under offer folks accepted my counter offer (less a couple thousand in paid closing costs). I still had to think about it for a little bit due to my left brain fighting with the incongruity of not breaking even after commissions are paid, but in the end that same left brain realized that the sale price is about five grand above what we paid two years ago, which I really can’t complain about given where the housing market has gone recently. And a sale two and a half weeks after listing is pretty nice too.

When we had the garage sale a couple months back I was selling a car jack and jack stands and the first guy to look at it offered me ten bucks less than the tagged price. “Early money is good money,” was his pitch as he held out his cash. I figured I could get more for it if I waited, maybe even more for from this guy, but you just never know. I forked over the jack stand.

So a couple more hoops to just through (inspection, appraisal, etc.) and then we’ll go from there I guess. At this point I’m feeling more nostalgic than celebratory, but at least I didn’t have to spend all weekend cleaning like I normally do.

The dogs celebrated with their own vices.

6 thoughts on “Mon 13 Jul 09

  1. Josh Post author

    Thanks. The inspection is tomorrow morning, so once that clears and any repairs negotiated, it should be set.

  2. Malone


    So they were just really hoping you were desperate and would maybe come back with a counter offer halfway between asking and $33 grand under asking? Bizarre.

    You’ll make your money back by buying in GR. So many houses under 50k. On the 20th, I’ll find out if an incoming GVSU prof wants to rent the Union house.

  3. Josh Post author

    I guess. I suppose that’s worth a shot in a buyer’s market where if you offend the seller horribly you just move on to the next house on your list. The discount on the next house purchased is definitely the upside to a quick sale. We could even afford California these days.

  4. JOZ

    Sounds good, Josh. You showed them you were serious about what your house is worth and not desperate. Hope all goes well with inspections and closing stuff. I’m really happy for you. I’m excited for you guys to find a good place here too–good, not necessarily really cheap. I looked at some small places in Holland. The ones that seemed priced unusually low usually had some serious reasons for the low price when I learned more about them..
    Anyway, congratulations!

  5. Josh Post author

    California, Colorado, whatever, just no more Michigan flat land and eight-month winters. Mary’s been poking around a few houses and keeps discovering the same thing about legitimate reasons for low prices, but I’m not sure that at $40k the surprises are really surprises. I’m okay with sweat equity though as long as it’s the right kind and not the rebuild a foundation kind.

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