Mon 27 Jul 09

I tried to climb Mt Rainier this weekend and didn’t quite make it. I turned around about thirty minutes from the summit near 14,000 ft. It was a frustrating choice to make, but definitely the right call for the situation. Here’s a picture looking down at Little Tahoma from the upper flanks of Rainier yesterday morning.

6 thoughts on “Mon 27 Jul 09

  1. JOZ

    Wow, Josh. Were you alone up there? I’m glad you made the right call. I’ve always admired your strong will and determination, but it’s really reassuring to hear that you know when to turn around. Are you okay? Incredible photo, by the way. Can hardly grasp all you’ve seen and done. It’s okay not to do it all, you know. So glad you’re safe.

  2. Josh Post author

    A few factors combined. Tough weather was part of it. I’ll write up more soon. I probably will do it again, though it does seem a long way to go just to see the last couple hundred feet.

  3. JOZ

    Yeah, more photos if you have them. And more story too, please.
    Any news/progress on the sale of the house?

  4. Josh Post author

    I’ll get to it. Last week was way too busy. We closed on the house last Friday so I’ve been scrambling around with those arrangements. The dogs and I are renting a room month-to-month in some sort of Branch Davidian compound for the moment while we figure out the next steps.

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