Thu 12 Nov 09

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Even colder.

14 hour day through gorgeous stretches of the Canadian Rockies and a not so gorgeous snow storm. Most of the road today was covered in ice and packed snow, which at first (particularly in the darkness this morning) was a little harrowing, but eventually kind of normalized. Lots of bison lounging along the roadway and a dead moose being feasted on by a bald eagle. We pushed the gas tank to E at one point when one of our intermediate podunk stations that was supposed to be open year-round was not. So, that was kind of exciting, especially as we had just entered a snow storm, making the walking down the road with a gas can idea even less appealing.

The snow really picked up just after we refueled as we drove through darkness to make it to Whitehorse. At times I honestly couldn’t see ten feet in front of the car. A few moments of baffling vertigo where I had no concept of left/right, uphill/downhill, or the speed of the car. Just swirling white streaks rushing at me. Saw a truck go off the road and roll a little ways in front of us.

711 miles to go to Anchorage and two days to do it, so hopefully we can adjust the drive duration a little for sanity’s sake and to deal with the snowy weather as needed.