Mon 14 Dec 09

It looks like I’ll be holding tight for a bit. I had been thinking of scooting east on Wednesday, but I’ll have to see how the icy apocalypse plays out. Here’s the headline today on

Winter storm will pummel the Northwest

Heavy rain and snow plus fierce winds will make traveling across the Pacific Northwest quite miserable through Tuesday.

The Northwest is about to be struck by a fierce storm rolling in from the Pacific. heavy rain will fall along the coast and in the valley areas while the mountains become blitzed with heavy snow. Over the next few days 1 to 5 inches of rain are possible with the heaviest amounts falling in northwest Washington and the northern California coast.

Snowfall of 1 to 3 feet should pile up in the mountains of western Washington, western Oregon and northern California. An avalanche watch has been issued for the mountains of western Washington overnight with warming temperatures loosening the existing snow pack and new snow falling on top of it.

I’m surrounded by a ring of angry purple. (Or maybe something different if you’re looking at this picture a couple days later and it’s updated.)

3 thoughts on “Mon 14 Dec 09

  1. jordan

    great– I’m flying through Portland on Weds morning. Although I’d expect that airport is used to getting rain.

  2. Josh Post author

    Portland, or at least I-84 right by Portland, was iced over pretty well a couple days ago. I think it’s supposed to be reasonably warm by tomorrow though.

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