Sun 2 Sep 12

Backyard update, you know you’re excited! I finally got around to finishing the backyard landscaping. All woodchipped and planted up. Took a truck-load of yard waste (presumably a couple years-worth of leaves and sticks, plus this summer’s grass clippings) to the landfill on Friday. Finished seeding the last remnant swaths of dirt a couple days ago and the first lawn sprouts are starting to poke through already. The peach tree is full of almost-ripe peaches, though Taylor and Parko have been thinning the crop, standing on hind legs to work over the lower branches.

2 thoughts on “Sun 2 Sep 12

  1. JOZ

    Are you getting the house ready so you can put it back on the market soon, or do you have to wait til things are further along with the deal on the house you’re hoping to buy?

  2. Josh Post author

    Sort of getting the house ready. Just had the inspection on the other house last week, so waiting to hear back on the repair items I asked for. I might wait though anyway since having three dogs at home and a busy field work schedule at work doesn’t make it very easy for showings.

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