Mon 3 Sep 12

Here are some photos taken during last week’s house inspection at the possible new house. I say possible, because I asked for about a half dozen inspection-flagged items to be repaired and haven’t heard back yet. Third time through impressions: I still love the property and location and like the potential in the house. It’s definitely a place we could make really sharp.

Outside front of house.

Outside from northwest corner of the yard. Old garage.

Outside looking north and northeast. Pretty expansive view at the moment, but I’m sure will be filled in at some point.

Outside from northeast corner of the yard.

Outside on east side of house looking north. Oil tank for oil furnace.

Living room. Nice coved ceilings. Good nook for the TV.

Kitchen and hallway looking toward master bedroom. We may or may not end up gutting the kitchen. Cabinets are still in good shape and kind of fit the country style of the house.

Upstairs bedrooms. I love these rooms, really small though.

Stairway looking down from second floor. Inside of newer garage.

4 thoughts on “Mon 3 Sep 12

  1. JOZ

    Thanks for showing us more pictures of your (possible) new place. Are the repairs you’re asking for big ones? If the deal goes through I look forward to seeing what you and Mary do with the place as you make it your own.

  2. Josh Post author

    You can pretty much remove the “possible” since the buyer agreed to all my requested items. Nothing huge, just a bunch of little things that I would’ve been annoyed trying to fix later. Only other hurdle at this point I guess is appraisal, but I doubt that will be an issue.

  3. JOZ

    Sounds good, Josh. I’m really happy for you and Mary. It looks like a great place for you all. Any idea yet when you might be closing and taking possession?

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