Sat 9 Sep 12

Went climbing at Royal Columns after work last night (I love living 25 minutes from quality rock). Mostly just top-roped a few easy crack routes and also played around a little on some trickier lines. It was still pretty toasty (upper 80s) when we first got out there and maybe that’s why we had the whole crag to ourselves, but as the sun dropped it turned into a really pleasant evening. There were places where halfway up a route I could feel the cool air rushing out between the columns.

Left: me gathering rope at the top of a route, getting ready to walk off. Right: me rappelling off of Double Trouble.

2 thoughts on “Sat 9 Sep 12

  1. JOZ

    Those are pretty amazing shots of you way up there on the columns. Who took them? I knew you did climbing with ropes, but I don’t think I ever pictured you tackling such stark steep faces before.

  2. Josh Post author

    A friend I was climbing with took the pictures once I was off belay. It’s is pretty neat stuff out here. I didn’t take advantage of the rock climbing last time we were out here, so I’ve been trying to have more fun this go-round.

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