Sun 3 Mar 13

Last weekend: removed a 300 gallon oil tank with about 90 gallons of oil left in it. Also, gutted the basement walls and dragged a 200 lb oil furnace out of the basement to a scrapyard.

This weekend: dug a 122 foot long trench, 24-30 inches deep, to get ready for the gas company to come out and run a gas line from the road to our house. Taylor is impressed.

2 thoughts on “Sun 3 Mar 13

  1. JOZ

    Wow–Taylor should be impressed! (I am.)
    Hope you had help with all that.
    Are you and Mary still living in your old house?

  2. Josh Post author

    Solo on the trench, about 7 hours of work. A random guy on craigslist came to pick up the tank and helped hoist it out. Yeah, we’re still at the other house for now. A couple busy weeks of cleaning and repair coming up at the furnace blowup house.

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