Fri 15 Mar 13

Gorgeous here for about a two months straight now. Lots of sun, fairly mild temps. We broke above 70 degrees for the first time this year yesterday and the grass is long enough in places that I felt justified in mowing the lawn for the first time. All the trees are budded and our early spring flowers are well on their way.

The neighbors pest-control sprayed their cherry orchard this afternoon. I think a little misted onto our adjacent cherry trees, but I’m sure not nearly enough to chase the forthcoming bugs. Kept the dogs inside the house until the spray-tractor cleared out.

Slowly making progress on the new furnace install. Taking more install bids, gutting the old under-sized duct work, getting cleaning done. Here’s a photo of our gutted basement and a photo of a tree (crab-apple?) I gently pruned this afternoon.

Also, we accepted an offer on our other house a couple weeks ago and have been plugging away at that process. Appraisal is scheduled for Monday, but shouldn’t be an issue. Most likely we’ll be closing in early April.

2 thoughts on “Fri 15 Mar 13

  1. JOZ

    Thanks for the update, Josh. I’ve been wondering how you and Mary were doing with all the house business–both new and old. Sounds like you’re juggling plenty, in addition to your job. It’s nice too to hear that you’re having Spring there. Our piles of snow are diminishing but still present. Temps go above freezing for an hour or two most afternoons. Sun and blue skies today are encouraging.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, it’s been pretty hectic since the furnace incident. It’d be nice to have everything reasonably in order by the summer, so we can just relax on the weekends.

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