Sat 25 May 13

New gas grill. Only took ten years of marriage to finally get one!

The inaugural grilled meat and subsequent enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “Sat 25 May 13

  1. ZDad

    We’ve got a couple of our late chickens cooking on our (very) local grill right now. Looks like yours is a step or two up. Your gardens look good. What is that triangular pipe sticking out of or into two of the beds?

  2. Josh Post author

    Those are 2x4s resting on a cinder block and the edge of the garden beds to keep the dogs out of a freshly seeded patch of yard. Same thing with the rope in the background, though that barrier is a little more porous since the new grass is more established.

    Yeah, the garden is coming along nicely. We had a bunch of rain this past week which helped after a month of no rain. I have those three beds and three more beds on the other side of the shed and I think that’s as big as it’s probably going to get for my interest in maintaining it. In the future I think it’ll mostly be a salsa garden plus some herbs. I’m not sure how well the leafy stuff is going to do with our hot summers and my field work schedule (we have swiss chard, spinach, and romaine lettuce this year).

    I’d like to have chickens – you can have up to 5 within the city limits (not roosters) – but I don’t think they would enjoy the dog maulings very much.

  3. ZDad

    You could build a chicken house and fenced in chicken run. When you get tired of them or want to see how far they can fly you could let them and the dogs loose at the same time. Send me the link to the you tube video.

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