Sun 6 Apr 14

Finally into the 70s this week, feels soooo nice! Lots of plant life in motion. The cherry trees are fully budded and probably will be leafing soon. The magnolia is starting to shake some petals after opening up last week. The radishes I planted a week ago in between the rows of already-planted onions are poking through. A few sections of yard are in need of mowing.

Also, officially outdoor project season I guess. The irrigation water kicked on yesterday, so I dug up and reseeded some sections of lawn the dogs had destroyed over the winter. I also took the first tentative steps toward replacing some of our old, battered windows, by pulling off the old exterior window trim work and fascia from one of the living room windows. I haven’t installed vinyl windows before, so this should be a good learning experience. Mary will be happy to get the junky-looking AC unit out of our dining room. I’ll try to remember to take some photos as I go.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Parko looking expectant in his cage.

One thought on “Sun 6 Apr 14

  1. ZDad

    I’m jealous of your spring weather. Here in Dar es Salaam it is too hot and humid to be outside very much and now in rainy season also too wet. I got spoiled after 13 years in Uganda with its near perfect weather. Give Parko a scratch on the ears for me.

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