Wed 16 Apr 14

A few photos from rock climbing at Frenchman Coulee last Friday. This is about an hour away from our house.

Didn’t have much time available, but we were able to sneak in a couple of quick routes in the Sunset Park area. I led They Have Many Names for it but the Chief Among them is the Black Lodge (5.8) (yup, that’s the name) and Bleeding Solar Tomb (5.9). Cruised the 5.8 and barely clipped the 5.9 on pumped forearms. I climbed it a second time on top-rope a little more smoothly. Nothing super special about the routes, but the views were great and it was a nice change of pace from the Feathers/Sunshine Wall area. This was also my first time on rock again in 2014, which is a little sad given how much climbing I got in early last year.

Black Lodge is pictured below left and the overall Sunset Park crag below right.

Phlox (with a Death Camas in the background) and the trail leading to Sunset Park. Just a really pretty arid landscape.