Sat 5 Jul 14

I planted about a hundred Walla Walla sweets in the spring and of course they’re all coming ready for harvest about the same time, so my diet has definitely been tilting heavily to the onion side the past couple weeks. Not the worst problem in the world. Oh no, too many onions! Also, pulled the first potato plant of the year. I remember digging up potatoes with a pitchfork at the old garden on Perkins, but the soil these were planted in here is so compost-heavy and loose that when I yanked the plant a dozen potatoes just popped right out. Pretty neat.

I installed a couple more windows last weekend. The one pictured below is the living room window, which was just a beast to heave into place by myself. Also put a new window in one of the second story bedrooms. Highlight of that install being a dropped open gallon can of trim paint while I was perched on a ladder fifteen feet off the ground that somehow managed to not spill a drop.

Coco the dog (pseudonym Donkey) is still here for a couple more days at least. She may have a new home tomorrow.