Wed 23 Jul 14

We were purchased!

AECOM to acquire URS Corporation

$6 billion, ho hum. At 55,000 employees I guess that makes me worth about $109k. There, I’ve been quantified. The buy probably doesn’t affect my job at all since I’m likely not lumped into any sort of “cost-saving synergy” category, but I work with other people (with people skills) who seem a little nervous about the whole deal.

One thought on “Wed 23 Jul 14

  1. joz

    Ah . . . the wild world of big business–buying, selling, merging. Hope this proves to be a good (at least not bad) thing for you so you can keep doing what you enjoy and are clearly very good at. A little weird to hear you tossing around numbers like that and terms like “cost-saving synergy” . . .

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