Wed 24 Dec 14

Hiking with Parko at Waterworks Canyon last weekend. Twenty minute drive from our house, all afternoon in shorts on the first official day of winter, nice! Lots of stuff for Parko to sniff, but he mostly stayed on trail trotting along right behind me.

Neat rock formations. Parko making sure the coast is clear ahead.

Oregon grape in fall color. Rock outcrop with talus field, we climbed to the top of the ridge in the distance. Parko negotiated the rocks fine, but I also carried him across the cobble in places to make sure he didn’t overwork his paws on the sharp edges.

Looking back down the canyon. Looking out over Yakima from a ridge of Mt Clemen. We climbed about 3,000 ft up from the trailhead, on trail through the canyon, then mucking through muddy slopes on game trails and through the bunch grass. We didn’t stay on the ridge very long as it looked like dark clouds were moving in from the west.

Parko on the longest section of rocks. Beautiful sunny afternoon, the dark clouds held off.

My buddy. All tired out on the ride home.