Mon 12 Jan 2015

Here’s our belated family Christmas card I guess. We took the all the dogs hiking in Waterworks Canyon on Christmas morning. Even hobbled-Taylor made it up the ridge with us (with some carrying and some pushing). Shorts weather on Christmas! I’ll add more photos when I get a chance (maybe next weekend).

4 thoughts on “Mon 12 Jan 2015

  1. ZDad

    Great photo, and Merry Christmas to you too. However with one person in shorts and the other dressed for winter I am suspecting it may not have been quite as warm as you say…

  2. joz

    What a happy family shot–it does look like a Christmas card photo! How did you manage to get all three of the dogs to look at the camera?

    Any way you can get me a good color print of the photo?

  3. Josh Post author

    Luck, pretty much! I also had the camera set on self-timer, sitting on an uneven rock. We only got the one photo before the dogs scattered. Turned out better than expected I guess.

    I can email you a high-resolution version. Also, if you want a hard copy, I can just send a print to the nearest Walgreens. Probably easier than trying to mail one.

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