Sat 7 Mar 2015

Here’s a quick video I took from the top of El Dorado Peak (8,868 ft) in North Cascades National Park at about 7:00 this morning. Sorry for the big camera swings – it was kind of an afterthought of a video as I was just heading down from the summit. I was going to shoot a video of me heading down the snowy knife edge summit ridge (you can see me take a couple steps down in the video), but quickly realized that was probably a bad idea to do one-handed, so just spun the camera around instead.

I’ll add some photos too this weekend if our 70 degree weather doesn’t keep me outside all day tomorrow.

I went part way up on Friday afternoon, camped near 8,000 ft last night (very cold), and went the rest of the way this morning to watch the sunrise from the summit. Total ascent 7,158 feet, 8.13 miles roundtrip. My knees are toast right now.

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