Sun 22 Mar 2015

A few more projects, kind of never ends around here. Rebuilt half of the basement stairs/landing. Two reasons: one, the old stairs had had some water contact resulting in a a little wood rot where the wood sat on the concrete floor; and two, I wanted to raise the level of the landing so that our electrical panel above it would meet working space code requirements in case we decide to upgrade the panel (the panel wouldn’t pass an inspection without meeting these requirements).

Also, cut down seven of our 11 cherry trees. Kind of sad to hack away at 60-year old trees, even if some of them were getting pretty gnarled with age, but it means way less maintenance (spraying and pruning) and opens up the yard while still keeping a nice interspersion of trees and lawn. I’ll rent a a stump grinder at some point this spring to take the stumps below ground level. Also pictured, our magnolia tree in bloom.