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28 Jan 05

When your day’s highlights include breaking up a fight by jumping on the back of a hockey stick-wielding teenager and yanking said hockey stick away, that’s a good day. I also got to go sledding.

I find this both fascinating and scary on a number of levels. Technically, of course, chimeras have been around since we started popping pig heart valves into our chests, but this will I’m sure cross most people’s comfort threshold.

27 Jan 05

Even more official than before now. The owners have signed the purchase agreement and I think we’ve secured a loan. I say I think because Mary has been doing all the grunt work with this while I run out of the room every time the phone rings. The agreement contains a number of “subject to” clauses which I believe we’ve slowly been hammering out. I stopped by the Health Department on Monday and payed them $125 to do a vacant land evaluation. This money was promptly returned on Wednesday morning when it turned out city records showed everything we needed to know. I was told we definitely have sewer hookup which is a plus (no septic tank to deal with) and we may have city water access as well. I need to call the city about this to see how much it will cost to run a line. We are approved to dig a well if city water doesn’t work out though. It will probably be a couple weeks still until we close. Until then I have to settle for repeatedly clicking mapquest .

25 Jan 05

I’m not generally a fan of anything having to do with professional sports and their millionaire children, but that Peyton Manning Mastercard commercial cracks me up literally every time I watch it. Cut that meat! Cut that meat! That’s golden. I would like to see that thirty-second montage adapted into a feature length screen play some day. I think I would pay to watch that.

23 Jan 05

I think we’ve done a competent job of teaching Trammell and Taylor to trust in the laws of nature and their own perception of reality. I think of this now because Quacker’s the Beanie Baby Duck is sitting on top of my computer and Trammell’s been whimpering at it. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it would make sense if you were in the room. I can’t stand it when a dog is faked out with a mock throw or teased with unreachable food. When a ball is thrown it should follow a consistent path. When food is placed within snapping reach it should be eaten. My next dog will be named Newton.

22 Jan 05

Not quite official, but about as close as you can get. We received a verbal agreement from ReMax today. So, barring any hiccups with our loan application it looks like we now own .87 wooded acres in the city. I’m sure the hounds will be pleased. We took them out to the lot a couple days ago, more to get them out of the house than to run a field test. They seemed to enjoy the place and I know they’ll love the extra running space when we can get a fence up. While we were out there our future next door neighbor came sauntering out of his house and all but accused us of trespassing then turned and walked away without saying another word. I think he was taken aback to find out the property was for sale. Still a jerk move regardless.

It snowed boatloads last night. Chest deep on Taylor in about eight hours. The dogs had no complaints though.