Sat 16 Jun 07

Mary and I drove down to Zillah, WA this afternoon and spent a couple of hours doing the wine tour thing. Not really my first choice for how to spend a day, but Mary got fired up after re-watching Sideways some time over the past couple of days and I suppose when you’re in an area that supposedly rivals Napa Valley for quality wine production, it’s something that needs to be done. And really it turned out to be fairly interesting. And free of course. We tasted wine at two vineyards, Claar Cellars and Bonair Vineyards, with a stop at El Ranchito Restaurant in between (cleansing our palates with tacos and refried beans). We sampled about a dozen wines in total at Claar and Bonair. Not being a wine connoisseur, they were all good.

5 thoughts on “Sat 16 Jun 07

  1. Jordan

    Is wine tasting where you slosh it around in your mouth then spit it out into a bucket?

  2. Josh Post author

    I think maybe you spit it if you don’t like it (like you you can’t be troubled with the swill they’re serving you). We just drank everything.

  3. Malone

    It appears Mary got you to dress up in shorts and a backwards baseball cap for a classy trip to wine tasting country. At least your shirt had sleeves – she must have forced that upon you.

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