Sun 17 Jun 07

A while back I lamented the loss of my twice weekly full-court basketball game, commenting on what a rare thing I felt it was to find a fun, accepting group of people who are still competitive and energetic.

Well, I think we’ve done one better. Ultimate Frisbee, baby! I had heard rumblings from a friend out here about a group of people who get together a couple times a week to play Frisbee, so I did a little online research, dropped a few emails, and showed up at a park with Mary last Sunday to find what ended up being fourteen other players strapping on cleats and tossing warmup throws.

And it was incredible. Competent, competitive Frisbee is a beautiful thing to watch and even better to participate in. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly (patiently explaining rules and talking with us in between games about Yakima and past residences), most in their twenties or early thirties, and all pretty much down to earth.

Our throws (and legs) were definitely a little rusty the first time out, but after playing again last Wednesday and again this afternoon (and practicing with each other a couple of times the past few days) I think I’m developing a pretty solid forehand to go with an already comfortable backhand and hammer. Mary’s been playing really well too and has already figured out a forehand that took me forever to even start to learn. And of course it was also great to have an excuse to run around for a couple of hours. It sounds like the playing season extends roughly from March through October, twice a week whenever possible, with a few tourneys in the fall. Pretty sweet!

Mary took a few pictures while subbed out for a couple of minutes during a game this afternoon (I’m the one in the green sleeveless shirt).

Later Taylor drank a beer and then we took all three dogs for their usual nightly run at the school across the street where they caught Frisbees and frolicked in the sprinklers. It really has become a nightly routine and the dogs start to get all antsy and whimpery around dusk in anticipation (for the run, not the beer).

2 thoughts on “Sun 17 Jun 07

  1. joz

    Nice that you found that group and that both of you can participate. Good way to get to know people out there. Can’t get over how BIG your dogs look. Do they seem happy in their new home?

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, Taylor’s a fatty, though to be fair I did have the camera about a foot and a half from her face. The dogs are very happy here. I think this is the most relaxed they’ve ever felt in any setting we’ve lived so far. Carpeted floors to roll around on, fenced yard, good parks to run in, quiet neighborhood. Nora still barks at everything, but the other two rarely get frazzled.

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