Fri 22 Jun 07

We are a bit picky about what our dogs eat. The cheapo mainstream brands definitely don’t make the grade and even some of the supposedly higher quality foods (think Eukanuba) don’t make the cut. After quite a bit of research and a few different trial runs we were really to happy to find Canidae brand dog food being offered at several stores in Grand Rapids (Chow Hound, Pet Smart). Actually cheaper than Eukanuba/similar and much better in terms of our dogs’ energy levels and coat health.

Sadly Canidae has not yet penetrated the Yakima, WA market. We were kind of bummed about this until I stumbled onto a website,, offering bulk orders of dog food shipped to your front door. You have to buy at least five 40 lb bags to get the shipping discount, but three hungry dogs I think will keep this a viable option. A little more expensive than what we were paying in GR, but actually still cheaper (including shipping and no sales tax) than what we’d pay for other similar brands in stores around here (plus the convenience factor). Anyway our order processed on Monday and arrived in our driveway this afternoon.

Trammell looks a bit nonplussed in the second photo, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to get his nutrients back.

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