Sat 23 Jun 07

A few shots from this morning running Nora by herself at the park.

And then later Mary and I hiked around on rocks. Mary nearly had a heart attack after almost stepping on a four-foot long snake. No rattlers though.

2 thoughts on “Sat 23 Jun 07

  1. Dad

    Keep those snake stories coming. A visitor spotted some guys carrying a 20 foot python by our front gate the other night. It must have been in the nearby swamp, along with the others. So far we’ve only seen smaller snakes in our compound – usually hanging out in the vegetable garden.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah we’ve been pretty lucky to see as many as we’ve seen so far I think. I talked with a guy from work the other day who has lived here for twenty plus years who said he’s only seen two rattle snakes in all his time in Yakima. Here’s a shot of the fleeing snake from our hike.

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