Thu 28 Jun 07

This past Tuesday was a field trip day at work for me. We rode up to Snoqualmie Pass to tour some of the future project work sites. The first four pictures below are all from around the Gold Creek area. Bottom left is looking at Lake Keechulus and bottom right is Lake Easton.

The more I learn about this project, the more I realize what an interesting project it is to be a part of. Heck, some environmental scientists are busy working on clean-up projects in the middle of some asphalt parking lot.

Other than that, we’ve continued with our weekly Frisbee games (which are now being played three times weekly – we played for thee hours on Tuesday night which was a solid end to a fun day) and are currently resuming painting of the few remaining rooms left to be painted in the house.

2 thoughts on “Thu 28 Jun 07

  1. Jordan

    You should geo-tag those photos. I don’t know where the Snoqualmie Pass is. Looks gorgeous up there though.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, but once I start geo-tagging, I’ll end up doing that for all my pictures and that’ll take forever. Google Maps. Our project runs south of the green pointer, with construction set to begin on the first five miles (from northern edge of Lake Keechelus to just south of Lake Keechulus) in 2010 and probably extending another ten miles after that.

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