Fri 3 Aug 07

Tomorrow is Kleinman Eruption. Portland, Oregon, thirty teams, four games on Saturday and two or three more on Sunday. My first Ultimate Frisbee tourney ever and I’m pretty amped. My legs have been a little tight the past few days (quadriceps feel pulled and I definitely played much harder than I should’ve yesterday), but hopefully I can loosen them up by tomorrow morning. Other than that, with all the practices we’ve been having, I’m definitely feeling strong and in game-shape and ready to run like crazy.

4 thoughts on “Fri 3 Aug 07

  1. Josh Post author

    Nope, Mary was watching the dogs this weekend. If we can find a tourney a little closer to home we might be able to both go some time.

    Jordan, I take it you made it to an Internet cafe in Peru? Are you keyboard keys all mashed?

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