Sun 05 Aug 07

Just back from Portland at about 7 pm this evening. Very much worn out and nursing a few injuries (one arm has been tingling like I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and I have a fat lip from a Frisbee to the face), but definitely happy about a super fun tournament. We ended up going 3-3 (one close win, two easier wins, two blowout losses, and one very close loss that we really should’ve pulled out) over the two days. I consider this a success for our team.

I think I personally played really well the first day (four games), playing smart, hustling, and getting in position to put up points. And less so the second day (dropping an important pass in our own endzone and later missing a teammate on a short throw also near our own endzone, in the same game). Still, it ended up not being disastrous, I guess as we squeaked out that win and I made up for it the next game with a couple aggressive layout denials and some hustle points on offense.

Physically, my legs bothered me all weekend. I was able to get one quad loosened up by our second game, but the other one just locked up more and more as the day progressed, to the point where I was fairly hobbled later on that night. Today was slightly better (pain but not hampered at least).

I learned a ton from this weekend from watching the cohesive high caliber teams playing at a skill level that we’re nowhere near yet. It was especially amusing watching the championship game with guys and girls just flying around, making cut after cut and putting throws right on the money. Lots of layouts on both offense and defense and a very quick pace.

I know at least one member of our team was snapping off pictures, so hopefully those will will make it up here in the near future.