Sat 19 Apr 08

On our way to Lowes this morning to pick up a few supplies a coyote came scampering out of an orchard onto the road in front of us. I slowed down and honked, trying to scare it back to the safety of the trees, but he just startled then continued crossing the road. Hopefully he made it back somewhere safer by now.

I finished laying tile in one of the bathrooms (the one without a sponge for a floor), though I still need to do the grouting. Mary painted over the baby blue walls with “Chowder”-colored Valspar paint from Lowes. Kind of a light beige even though it looks white in this picture. Much improved all around.

I’ve been catching up on old Money Pit clips. I really don’t remember this movie being exceptionally funny when I was a kid, but after revisiting on YouTube there were some good moments (Tom Hanks’ cackle at the end alone is worth the view). Some highlights.

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