Sun 31 Mar 13

Perfect weekend. Michigan won two (Burke!). Blue skies and temps in the 70s all weekend with more to come over the next few days. Warm enough that I felt compelled to seek out shade after baking in the afternoon sun. Lots of panting from the dogs. We spent most of the weekend over at the new house, playing/working in the yard and also getting the two upstairs bedrooms completely painted. Felt just like summer.

3 thoughts on “Sun 31 Mar 13

  1. ZDad

    Looks like your average highs this time of year are 8 degrees above GR this time of year. Enjoy the sunshine. The dogs must be enjoying the big place. Spike says to tell them hi.

  2. JOZ

    We had snow flurries yet today, and I had to scrape thick frost off my car’s windshield this morning. Your spring sounds wonderful!
    Glad to hear you’re making good progress at the new house. Do you know yet when you’ll actually move in?

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