Wed 3 Apr 13

Sold! We signed the closing paperwork yesterday and officially handed over the keys to the house on 74th this morning. We sold for-sale-by-owner and were working with a fairly uncommunicative buyer’s realtor, so were kind of caught by surprise when the title company called us yesterday to come in and sign paperwork. Wasn’t too bad of a move though on short notice, just a couple of car-loads and mattresses on the roof.

Still pretty chaotic over at the new house though. Our new furnace went in on Monday, but isn’t hooked up to gas yet until the city inspector comes out and signs off on it. Just in time to not need to run it at all! It’s a pretty impressive new setup dominating the basement compared to the old furnace with cobbled-together duct work. $5,500 for a new 95% efficient Rheem gas furnace with coil and all new ducts. Sounds like a lot money, but after taking bids from about 8 different contractors and price matching, this was an absurdly good value.

We have a bunch of new carpet on order with Home Depot that should be arriving in the next week or two and also have a wood floor specialist coming out to refinish the living room and dining room fir floors this weekend (hopefully). In the meantime there’s not much motivation to organize our clutter if we’re just going to have to keep moving it out of the way of the flooring crews.

2 thoughts on “Wed 3 Apr 13

  1. JOZ

    Congratulations on the sale!
    Bet you’re relieved to have that over and done. Sounds like things are moving along at your new place. Chaos is is easier to take whaen the weather’s good outside.

  2. Josh Post author

    It’s just nice to have one set of utility bills and only one house to keep an eye on. It’s been raining today, but that’s also nice for really greening up the sagebrush around here.

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