Sun 6 Oct 13

A few photos from my quick two-day run through the Enchantments this weekend. I’ll add more when I get a minute. Couldn’t have asked for nicer October conditions.

4 thoughts on “Sun 6 Oct 13

  1. Josh Post author

    About an hour and forty-five minutes to the trailhead from our front door. So, close!

    Of course then from the trailhead it’s a sustained uphill hike (10 miles, 6000 ft of elevation gain) to the first good views. And a couple more hours to climb anything from there. Definitely worth it though.

  2. Josh Post author

    It was very fresh snow. Not really winter yet though. We had a couple days of mountain snow right before my hike, but it’s been sunny and nice ever since then. Probably my favorite hiking/photo conditions.

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