Monthly Archives: March 2013

Sun 31 Mar 13

Perfect weekend. Michigan won two (Burke!). Blue skies and temps in the 70s all weekend with more to come over the next few days. Warm enough that I felt compelled to seek out shade after baking in the afternoon sun. Lots of panting from the dogs. We spent most of the weekend over at the new house, playing/working in the yard and also getting the two upstairs bedrooms completely painted. Felt just like summer.

Fri 15 Mar 13

Gorgeous here for about a two months straight now. Lots of sun, fairly mild temps. We broke above 70 degrees for the first time this year yesterday and the grass is long enough in places that I felt justified in mowing the lawn for the first time. All the trees are budded and our early spring flowers are well on their way.

The neighbors pest-control sprayed their cherry orchard this afternoon. I think a little misted onto our adjacent cherry trees, but I’m sure not nearly enough to chase the forthcoming bugs. Kept the dogs inside the house until the spray-tractor cleared out.

Slowly making progress on the new furnace install. Taking more install bids, gutting the old under-sized duct work, getting cleaning done. Here’s a photo of our gutted basement and a photo of a tree (crab-apple?) I gently pruned this afternoon.

Also, we accepted an offer on our other house a couple weeks ago and have been plugging away at that process. Appraisal is scheduled for Monday, but shouldn’t be an issue. Most likely we’ll be closing in early April.

Sun 3 Mar 13

Last weekend: removed a 300 gallon oil tank with about 90 gallons of oil left in it. Also, gutted the basement walls and dragged a 200 lb oil furnace out of the basement to a scrapyard.

This weekend: dug a 122 foot long trench, 24-30 inches deep, to get ready for the gas company to come out and run a gas line from the road to our house. Taylor is impressed.