Monthly Archives: February 2005

27 Feb 05

Generally I greet the greeters at grocery stores. I’d say nine out of ten times I say hi and give a head nod. This seems like common courtesy to give a grey-haired old lady who by all means should be living it up in Florida or at the very least at home working on her scrap book. I didn’t today though. I was in a hurry and not really paying attention. Just walked right by. She might even have said hi to me. I couldn’t tell you. I really was that oblivious to her presence until I thought about it about ten seconds later. And I thought to myself here’s yet another job that would leave me so filled with hate toward humanity by the end of my shift that I’d probably end up screaming at every person who ignored me. Think your too good for the greeter?! Too good to turn your head slightly to the right as you rush by?! I’d start shoving carts toward people’s shins. Actually, my first job was a grocery bagger at Meijer. I’m sure people ignored me then but I probably wasn’t cynical enough to care yet.

24 Feb 05

I was driving through Ada today looking for a Supercuts when I happened to spot a shop called Hair Co. Hmm, I thought to myself, surely this place must give haircuts and perhaps, just perhaps, they might even be as good as the national chain. So I screeched into the nearest parking lot, hit a u-turn, and pulled up to the Hair Co. As soon as I entered the store I knew I was out of my element. Some trendy looking guy with highlighted spiky hair was buying hair gel products and paying the all-black-clad stylists with a fifty. I stammered out a question about getting “just a regular haircut” and the girl at the front desk nodded excitedly and asked if I needed one right now. She then led me back to a white leather chair, tilted the chair back, and had me rest my head over a sink. At this point I still assumed I was getting my normal clippers and scissors haircut, albeit at an angle, so when the hot water hit my head it caught me by surprise. Turned into a great surprise though. I never knew how nice it could feel to have someone else shampoo and massage your scalp. After this unfortunately it was just a normal haircut until I was checking out and told I owed eighteen dollars. Oh well, maybe it was worth it for the experience. Next month I’m going to keep driving until I find that Supercuts.

23 Feb 05

I can’t really describe the joy I get watching these two bound around in open space. Their free-spirited playfulness seems to transfer straight into my own heart.

Everything is right when you’re watching a graceful bounce or change in direction of a creature moving in its design. They take turns chasing each other, but it works best when Taylor is the follower (as Trammell just closes the gap in a matter of seconds and barrels Taylor into the snow).

Trammell looks a little cold with his pink muzzle, but photogenic nonetheless. Both dogs seem to have adapted nicely to the winter cold. The dogs shivered through the first couple weeks freezing weather, but now don’t even seem to notice. Of course the sunny day helped too.

We throw snow balls and Trammell chases or catches. If you’re on the ground, look out, Taylor will come sprinting from wherever she is just to leap on your chest. Trammell’s always up for some play fighting.

20 Feb 05

I could never be a mailman in Michigan because I would get too angry at all the lazy people who don’t shovel their sidewalks in the winter. I’d just walk around all day with this big tension ball inside, thinking about how pathetically indolent people are. Go eat your Big Mac you bum! Or maybe I would just slide their mail under the sidewalk snow so they would have to shovel to find it.

19 Feb 05

Guess this site finally made it onto some search engines since I just started receiving my first comment spam. Hooray for online gambling! I do have some spam blockers in place, but I guess those buggers slipped through somehow. Oh well, I may be upgrading to WordPress 1.5 in the near future anyway. That should slow them down at least.