Sat 22 Feb 14

Quick homestead tour, photos from the past couple days. Our brief snow deluge didn’t stick around long. Not really spring yet, but seems to be getting close. Warm enough that I was in shorts and flip flops most of the afternoon on Friday and had the house windows open for a couple hours. I’ve started working in the garden a little, getting soil/compost prepped. Lots of crocuses and other bulbs are a couple inches out of the ground already. The rosemary seems to have survived the winter.

Dogs enjoying the sun. Here’s Parko getting ready to pounce on Nora and Parko getting kicked in face. Take that you bully!

Old, fat Taylor going for the Frisbee. She’s been a little hobbled with a bad back leg since last summer, but still lots of spirit. She gets really happy on the sunny days and squirms around on her back in the grass. And Parko, looking ridiculous, but far more coordinated.

Here’s the tile job in the front entryway that I finished last weekend. Hey, only took me ten months to get around to finishing this up since I put down the self-leveling cement underlayment. About par for me. Lots of weird cuts to match up with our curvy walls and the first time I tried even a simple pattern, but I think it turned out great. Next step is getting baseboards cut, painted, and installed, hopefully in less than ten months.

Our new dining room table. We had it custom made by a local furniture guy. It’s made from reclaimed wood from an old Yakima lumber mill and I think fits the character of our 1940s farmhouse quite well. Lots of neat wood grain and and interesting grooves. Like it. Moroccan red chairs to go with it, because color is fun. That’s not the rug that will be under it long term. We have a 9×12 coming some time next week. And here’s our new living room furniture and rug. Not entirely functional yet (still waiting on a TV stand). We’re having the same guy who did the table build us a simple media console. Hopefully in a month or so, things will be complete.

2 thoughts on “Sat 22 Feb 14

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, Josh, your place looks SO nice–both inside an outside.Your tiling looks perfect to me, your table and chairs really cool and unique, your living room comfortable and inviting, And your nutty dogs seem to be loving the warmer weather in the “personal park” you and Mary have so kindly provided for them! Sorry to hear about Taylor’s leg. Is this something that can get better, or do you think it’s going to stay bad?

    Still winter here. In the teens today, and this is supposed to be our warmest day this week. Still lots of snow, but now it’s all compressed and dirty by the roadsides. Still have to aim exactly right to squeeze through the two icy mountains at the base of my driveway. Can just see the tops of the seats of my two backyard chairs emerging, And one of “monks” is showing a bit of the top of his head. Enjoy your crocuses and all!

  2. Josh Post author

    Thanks! Our new dining room rug just came yesterday, so that room is filling in a little. No, I don’t think Taylor’s leg is going to get better, since it hasn’t for the past six months, but she’s getting around okay and has great spirit, just kind of stiff-legged.

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